The company logo spelling OYL.
we make premium kulim infused oil
Our Story
OYLHAUS began as a desire to discover the hidden and forgotten local flavours. We aim to discover the secrets of the land and deliver it to you in a refined and elegant form.

Through our efforts of creating new gastronomic experiences, we would like to share with you our discovery in the form of OYLHAUS.

Who we are

We are a group of individuals brought together by a shared passion for food and the desire to discover new flavours.

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kulim oil in a bowl next to some flaky salt in a pleasing arrangement
A bottle of OYLHAUS Kulim Oil laid on a folded tea towel witch a beautiful pattern on it.

What we do

We are on a quest for high quality, natural and innovative flavors that will bring a new experience to your cooking. Whether it be a finishing touch on your favorite meal or as a core part of a new dish, We want to provide you the possibility at home or at your favorite eatery all throughout the year.

It's time.
What are you waiting for? A world of new flavours is out there for you to experience!
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